Literacy Assessment in a new Academic Year

Literacy Assessment in a new Academic Year.

How to update pupils & groups with a spreadsheet.
How to start an assessment.

How to update pupils & groups in a new academic year.

If Literacy Assessment is integrated with your school management system (SIMS, Integris etc) then pupils and groups will be updated automatically and the following information does not apply to you.

Updating pupils & groups help video:

Starting an assessment help video:

For those of you who prefer step by step instructions:

If you wish to update pupils & groups yourself:

There are a number of ways to update pupils’ groups and details:

  • We recommend that you use static values for year groups such as intake 2013 – if you have taken this approach then you do not need to worry about updating groups.


  • Change the group names. If your pupils have not changed groups then you just need to change the group names:

Log in to

Click on the “Pupils” tab:

Click on “Edit” next to group name. Start with the groups with the highest numerical values.



  • Change each pupil individually:

If your pupils have changed groups then click on the “Pupils” tab:

Then click on “View all pupils”:

You can then change the group for each pupil by using the drop down menu. If the group you require is not showing there then you will need to add a new group:


  • Reimport pupils from an excel spreadsheet.

**Important – you can only use this method if you have used UPNs and they exactly match – otherwise you will get duplicate pupils.

The first thing you need to do is get an export from your school system (eg SIMS).

It will need to contain:

  • UPN
  • Pupil firstname
  • Pupil surname
  • DOB (in a format of dd/mm/yy, dd/mm/yyyy, yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm or mm/yyyy)
  • Group (eg tutor group or year group)


Once you have this file in excel log into and go to the Pupils tab:

Then click on “Import pupils from excel”:

You can then follow these steps:


We are more than happy to assist you with updating your groups or performing the import. Just get in touch if you need some help or would like some free training.



How to start an assessment

Once pupils / groups have been updated then you can start assessments, a guide on this is here.

Help video on starting assessments: