Quickly gain an insight into literacy standards
across your school

Measure and track a pupil’s literacy progress

This literacy assessment system provides online tests to measure and track a pupil’s literacy progress. There are three types of literacy assessments available – phonics, spelling and reading comprehension, all of which are based upon standardised data. With the current focus on literacy, this system provides an effective tool to evaluate the measures schools put in place to improve literacy standards.

“It’s crucial that all schools realise that this is just a check, not a test, in order to identify where the children are in their learning and what needs to be done. We assess our pupils’ understanding every six weeks, taking into account our phonics programme and teacher assessment. If children’s abilities are regularly assessed and tracked, assessment outcomes become more predictable, because we can intervene straight away and support the child to next level of learning, keeping them on a good trajectory. As a result, the screening check confirmed our own regular assessment outcomes.” ST THOMAS MORE ROMAN CATHOLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL,

ROCHDALE, Good practice as identified by the DFE

What does this system do?

  • Test groups as many times as you like.
  • Closely monitor progress.
  • Easily share access to test data with colleagues.
  • Set standardised group literacy tests.
  • Assess pupils’ literacy ability and automate marking of tests.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your literacy strategies.
  • Create groups of pupils and analyse comparative literacy data.
  • Identify pupils requiring additional literacy support.
  • Print literacy assessments for paper based completion.
  • View results as charts to see trends and patterns over time.

What tests are available?

Spelling Tests:

  • Listen and Spell 6-9
  • Listen and Spell 6-14
Reading Comprehension Tests:

  • Reading Comprehension 6-9
  • Reading Comprehension 6-14
  • National Phonics check replica
  • Phonics – consonant blends
  • Phonics – consonants and vowels
  • Phonics – non words
  • Phonics – high frequency words
Phonics Tests:

  • National Phonics check replica
  • Phonics – consonant blends
  • Phonics – consonants and vowels
  • Phonics – non words
  • Phonics – high frequency words

What statistical data is available and how is it presented?

  • Reading / spelling age
  • Difference in reading / spelling age
  • Group averages
  • Test session standard deviations
  • Gradients of improvement
  • Group percentile
  • School percentile
  • National percentile
  • Standardised score
  • Individual test analysis
  • Data is presented in clear tabular and chart formats

Strong Security

Security is of paramount importance to us and we have a range of industry standard measures in place to ensure safeguarding of all pupil data.

We use GeoTrust 256bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption for all data and our database uses encryption for key data.

We employ a penetration testing company to ensure our systems are secure, they perform system security tests on a regular basis.

All of our staff are DBS checked, we are registered with the ICO, comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act and we are GDPR compliant. 

Our data centre has a range of security features such as CCTV, dual access locks and tripulicate backups

Get an instant picture of literacy in your school!

Save Time! Tests are automatically marked which means instant results, giving you time to focus on the important thing: pupils themselves!

How do you improve literacy standards?

The answer is really simple, you need to identify the pupils who need support the most, intervene and then track their progress, identifying the interventions that work best for them.

Literacy Assessment Online is a collection of tests that help schools quickly measure and track literacy standards. There are three types of assessment available:

Reading Comprehension

Test (standardised)

Spelling Test




With the current focus on literacy, this system provides an effective tool to evaluate & measure the impact of the literacy interventions schools have in place.

Designed by Teachers & Professionals

Literacy Assessment Online is designed by Edukey Education, part of TES. Our product team have a combined experience of over 60 years of working in schools and we put this to good use when building our software.

Amazing Customer Support

  • We understand the hesitancy some schools have with new computer systems and we offer support to ensure that administration of the assessments is a smooth process.
  • Each school is assigned a member of our team to assist them with implementing the system.
  • Data import of required pupil details.
  • All support requests are answered within 24 hours.*
  • Online demonstrations are available on request.
  • Extensive user guides and user documentation.

*24hour response request are only possible during the working week. Support requests on weekends will be answered Monday.

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