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Reading comprehension

Your software has been crucial to our journey from 44% of pupils to 73% above chronological ages.

Tony Hall, English Lead, James Bateman Junior High

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Get an instant picture of literacy in your school!

Clear results charts, gain an instant picture of literacy standards.

Save Time! Tests are automatically marked which means instant results, giving you time to focus on the important thing: pupils themselves!

How do you improve literacy standards?

The answer is really simple, you need to identify the pupils who need support the most, intervene and then track their progress, identifying the interventions that work best for them.

Literacy Assessment Online is a collection of tests that help schools quickly measure and track literacy standards. There are three types of assessment available:

With the current focus on literacy, this system provides an effective tool to evaluate & measure the impact of the literacy interventions schools have in place.

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We find Literacy Assessment online a really useful way of tracking student progress and identifying students who need extra support. We like the fact that the system is very intuitive so the students do not struggle to use it.

Nicola Mason

Wilmslow High School

Your software has been crucial to our journey from 44% of pupils to 73% above chronological ages.

Tony Hall

James Bateman Junior High

Number of assessments completed: 696,871


Number of Pupils 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
1-100 £330 / year £295 / year £275 / year
101-200 £475 / year £415 / year £395 / year
201-500 £715 / year £645 / year £595 / year
Over 500 £1095 / year £955 / year £910 / year
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SIMS integration available at an additional £120/year

New Local Authority / Cluster Tool Available

If you are responsible for literacy standards in a number of schools and require a clear overview then you will be interested in our new Local Authority / School Cluster tool. This tool provides a clear comparison of standards in each school and allows you to drill right down to data for the individual learner.

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Literacy assessment online is a powerful web based assessment tool designed for schools by Edukey Education Ltd.

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